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Design by Committee Source Mapping Project

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 11:39 pm
by Axel
I just came to terms with the jankiness of my last big hammer dream project of building a new version of RP_Venetian from scratch by myself this time with a streamlined design and a more consistent theme. Well, I thought better of it and thought I'd shop around for some ideas instead.
At first I was thinking about trying to map out an estancia from Sherri Tepper's novel Grass. but ran into a hurdle of not knowing how in the hell I'd go about actually having the grass render properly. I mean, I could scale up some detail sprites, but that'd look awful.
I suppose I could make new detail sprites, but not sure I'd be able to stylize them enough to be believable assets.

I digress. I'd like to see some recommendations on what anyone here would like to see.
Please keep in mind, Hammer is an old, old tool. The maximum contiguous length in any direction I'd be able to run through the compiler (or run well, at least) would be no longer than half a mile, not accounting for twists and turns.

Ideally, this thread will result in either a single map or one or two connected/linked maps.

Technical limitations aside, let's try to make this fun:
-No direct rips of other IP. (And anyone who says Helms Deep = B&)
-Attempt to collaborate on ideas with other users.
-Throw out a handful of disparate ideas, ideally this will be a pick and mix kinda thing.

Re: Design by Committee Source Mapping Project

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 12:08 am
by Axel
If anyone wants to take this opportunity to learn Hammer:
Why? It's really old. Other engines are probably way better now.
But hey, I might be willing to help you get started.

To get the ball rolling, I'm gonna throw out some overall types of map it could be. (it's probably gonna be for gmod, but maybe not restricted to gmod)

Atmospheric: This category is largely for exploration and providing set pieces. Some light interactable elements might help.
RP: Similar to the above, but with some hard-coded behaviors, like func_doors not assigned to any triggers for "cops" to use.
Fortwars: A map that allows players to barricade and fortify certain locations. Lends well to destructible elements.
TTT: I'll have to study some maps, but you'll probably want to familiarize yourself with this gamemode before offering recs.
Prophunt: another one I'll have to research, but if you think of any CSS map, especially cs_office...
Morbus: It's like The Thing, but asym multiplayer.
Sandbox: Like atmospheric maps, but with a particular lack of details that might cause issues with free building.

Now, some of the best maps can be all of these things. And I find it worth noting, I like to adhere to the design principles that make a map a good well rounded one.
For instance, a good role play map follows the same principles as a death match map, but with a few additions to those rules and one key rule dropped. There's no need to chart powerups for a standard RP map, for instance.