Weekend Stories, Part 1

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Weekend Stories, Part 1


Tue May 29, 2018 8:38 am

I was at a bar with friends, having a pint and talking nonsense. The music in the bar was mostly 70's era music, with The Animals, Queen, Led Zeppelin, etc. coming in over the speaker. My friends and I were talking to the bartender about an upcoming music festival (Neon Desert), when the bartender said she didn't really like the music they were featuring. We asked her what she listened to, and she struggled to get any words out. A friend of mine volunteered "hippie" and the bartender emphatically agreed. So I thought she was the one that put the music on, only to hear a few seconds later that she actually hated the music that was on, before changing it to EDM. Turns out she wanted to call herself a music "hipster."

So, amazingly, everyone was on the same page with hippie=hipster, except me.

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