About Us

Originally founded by a group of friends with some opinions to share on the internet, Rambusco has become a amalgamation of its former self and the gaming website, SLx-35. The SLx-35 group initially started in Sven Co-op and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst as a group of friends looking to make a clan to have fun playing games with. It’s always gone by the rules of no stress, no frills, no drama. When the initial SLx-35 site opened in 2007, it was nothing more than a basic site about the founding members with a forum. In 2010, the site expanded to become a social network for gamers.

Now, Rambusco is designed not only to be a network for gamers, but also a destination for all things gaming and what the staff finds relevant.

Albert "Beetle" Sharkis

Too American to be president.
Some call him a mystery, others call him a tragedy. One thing is for sure, Sharkis is under severe lack of profile information. Also known as the left gamer, Sharkis was the co-host of the Rhombus Roguery videos formerly on the site. Currently busy staring and lines of code under the influence of unfortunate amounts of caffeine, he no longer has the time to be the content generator he once was back in the olden days of Rambusco. Once a comic writer, game reviewer and insomniac programmer, Sharkis' content has not gone lost and will return at a later date.

Axel “Jeffman12″ Carpenter

The elusive fixer-upper.
Born of a House of the Dead machine, Axel is the peacekeeper of Rambusco. Quick to jump to attention when it’s needed, he’s not afraid to lend his ever helping hand in a situation, or justly bring down the hammer of judgment. A figurative (and perhaps literal) spine of the community, he is one of the keys to keeping the community as civil as it has been for years now. You’ll usually find him in front of his monitor enjoying an online co-op game, good ol’ RTS or some retro FPSs. There are no models too low poly for him!

Cameron Arthur Machado

Resident Devil’s advocate.
He’s sort of like MacGyver, but a lot more dangerous. Anything Cameron can get his hands on, he will make it somehow spark. An avid fan of RPGs, adventure games, puzzle games and the occasional first person shooter, Cameron is one to show wits in the forums as well as incite a thread. Preferred to be known as the Antagonizer, Cameron could almost be seen as the yin to Axel’s yang.

Shane Mychal Sexton

The brain behind the game.
If Shane is the brain, then Cameron is the pinky. Shane is the mastermind behind the website with a glimmer of pixels in his eyes. A sysadmin, a musician and a retro PC junkie, Shane is heavily involved in many of the Rambusco projects. With whisky at hand, sobriety is his theoretical limit! He loves retro platformers, beat ‘em ups, fighting games and first person shooters.

Former Staff

While no longer contributing content to Rambusco, former staff members Rick, Sigma and Snow have had their content preserved and re-posted.